We’re honoured to play an important role in your overall health. After all, a pharmacist is often the first and most accessible health care professional in your community. Please, feel welcome to involve us in your wellness journey; we’re always available to offer knowledgeable advice on a particular medication, disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, and overall health and wellness. Here are the areas we offer consultations for:

Medication Reviews

We do a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s medications to identify and resolve any issues and improve health.

Cannabis Consultation

Wondering whether or not cannabis consumption is right for you? Consult with our pharmacists to see if and how cannabis can fit into your lifestyle.

Anticoagulation management

We administer and monitor anticoagulant therapy to those who have disorders that increase the likelihood of blood clots.


Vaccines make your immune system stronger by building antibodies and in turn prevent diseases. Come see us to get your vaccinations in check.

Pharmacogenetics Testing

We look at specific genes to figure out the types of medicines and dosage that are most effective for your gene type.

Visit us to drop off your prescription or take a minute and order it online.