What is compounding?

Are you unsure about the dose of your prescription? Require a combination of medications to reap the benefits? Or do you simply have trouble administering medication to yourself or your child due to taste, feel or other reasons? Compounding may be the solution to all of your prescription concerns.


We’re experts in the art and science of creating custom medications designed for individual patient needs. Whether you need us to alter its strength or change its form for easier use, our facilities are properly equipped to safely compound your medication. We have the ability to customize dose, route of administration, flavour, scent, feel, and novel dosage forms such as lollipops, rectal rockets, lozenges, and vet applications.

Compounding includes:


Specially mixed creams and lotions, pastes and powders handcrafted to your exact requirements. We also provide custom skin-care formulations to your dermatologist’s direction.


Children and medicine often don’t mix. Compounding allows us to make their medicine easier to give, and taste better with kid-friendly flavours like chocolate, marshmallow and bubblegum.

Pain Management

We can customize your dose for strength, create alternate delivery formats, and even combine multiple ingredients for greater convenience.<br />

Hormone Replacement Therapy (bHRT)

We can work with your doctor to customize a hormone replacement solution that offers greater efficacy and fewer side effects.<br />

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